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they feel. it's a very welcome. top story rebels claim they've made. and while it. strikes continues to claim hundreds of thousands fleeing the conflict stricken country. russia's top general says the coalition's tried some leave no results and it's likely that ground troops will soon be on their way that russia them or its nato meanwhile believes the alliance could find itself involved in another major war such as. iraq. and a quarter of
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a million have marched in london the british government's plan and pound public spending cuts to response from the breakaway group to the peaceful demonstration for the largest in the conference since a massive rally against the iraq invasion eight years ago. now marching andras looks for the spirit of russia in the heart of france visiting russian. paris the special edition of. hello or should i say phones or welcomes iris aristos have a strong relationship with frogs for centuries well in this week's program
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a bit boring the french capital taking a look at recent life history and culture here. take a simple walk along the river saying today you'll definitely hear the sounds of excited russian tourists they devour the social scene here with its classical entertainments here consisting of ballet opera and august it's easy to drool several comparisons to the grand jury of moscow. russians have been fascinated with french culture for centuries. explore the busy streets of the capital and you'll soon come across various places that will catch your eye. to moscow one of the several streets names off the major european cities. around the corner there's a russian restaurant don't keep any rest of file happy and a little further a remarkable vision hidden within the school buildings of the neighborhood a quaint impressive the docks cathedral this is the alexander nevsky cafe jewel in
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the nineteenth century there were thousands of russians living in this area and with the donations of many orthodox believers around the world this place of worship was built and finally opened in eight hundred sixty one and today still one of the most popular about churches here in paris. it was here the picasso married older kuvo in nineteen eighteen and showed up in an kandinsky were both on a tear. after that death's. door should press here with it it's a very beautiful place i like coming years and sure i can do as much as i can purchase here it feels closer to russia closer to home and it is the only place where you can be sure just me and lots of russian people at any given time. on the same road is the restaurant called petrograd tools first opened in one nine hundred twenty four the same year the petrograd itself was renamed leningrad converse in history and to the new dhaka era but despite new is far from dark the bright red
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woman's here is charming say the least so they store i exist them for longer than has existed here since the nineteenth twenties and it's one of the oldest russian restaurants in paris patty through generations of russian immigrants starting with those who left the country after the revolution has been visiting this place is high restaurant is packed with vodka bottles mistress goodall's and russian treasures this colorful quirky russian themed eatery attracts everyone from celebrities to russian ability the restaurant is popular with local russians parisians and forests but it's not just the taste a traditional russian through the people come here fault it's more the ideals the family atmosphere and the quality and statements. the. mama.
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decision called don't mean the house of the orals it is an organization founded at the beginning of the much ninety's in paris without the foundation of the first president of russia boris yeltsin mr murals region himself don't follow translations of various books from russian into french especially closer fully apprised has also been known to highlight the best translations we were. so it made me one of the. many associations which work with one big region
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of pressure in the beginning we had to explain where it was. happening from we had this statement of general double talk about europe from the atlantic to the or else. that was the word was no we had to put this word on a map and we did it. to push things out of the famous russian poets of the nineteenth century is a must visit place for all those who come to moscow to be one of the city's finest restaurants a traditional russian cuisine now a place most good can be found in the heart of the french capital a branch of country pushing the patisseries located in the streams department store . its shop windows a design like that of a jewelry shop with various mouthwatering does that it's being connery gems indeed . school of
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creative education is a project of alexei and all the election and to developing for a russian culture in the french capital. there are various classes in our studios in the schedule including russian language lessons literature dance and drama classes. children from three to eighteen years old study at the school divided into classes according to age and russian language skills are also artistic studio. which can be attended by adults as well as a skimmer that's part of it i can organize anything it's pizza and dance and doctors theme and in my opinion school is based on such a being but there were students being the audience learning and teachers being just to morris to try different classes like actors and researching on top of it all school became a success when he realized this works very much like teacher. might seem lovely to me. that some of your father is russian and your mother is french how has russia
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over culture affected your lots of powers but it is a very big part of my life. russian family crawls we always spoke russian at home. and soviet period in the small russian community here and how does the question to me was your factual life today. really involved in it . could literally push me into the community is probably not as big as the number main places where you might have been already but this too it is quite big if you were to say how many people are here. only russian speaking people so probably of several hundreds so hundred thousand people here maybe a thousand years ago but we still feeling russian himself or so he became friends with her his russian is difficult to say and you're president of two associations here tell me more about this. story for us this nation's one of them is pretty
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strange a person can put troops me in from we treat you. we trust or some aim to unify existing in cross reference associations on the record is asian is my personal one which is my son michael. is association of. people from speaking people here in france for books probably the biggest one. it is maybe i was a. situation where from support of your media and from those who are negatively poking about for you also i suppose your website will try and help that you two are trying to process to. people to make. interest pollution. some positive aspects of event. wonderful letters to me you can google your.
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final location is this all genevieve the cemetery located half an hour since the final resting place thousands of russians. the cemetery started in the one nine hundred twenty s. by a group of russian immigrants. this is the final resting place for over ten thousand russians dozens of prominent russian figures among them. for example is a soviet and russian filmmaker editor writer and author director. began working in cinema during the mid nine hundred fifty s. the period during which soviet society opened to foreign films known for his memorable images of exceptional beauty his work is still adored and respected in the film industry in russia and around the world. one grave in particular stands out from the rest grand and designed to make
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a statement to miscavige with the most exec aeration representing a traditional only until carpet this is the grave of the celebrated card. retired in one nine hundred ninety three. the pull of the trans iberian train this man's life was different from the start. after training because school dons belief made his debut in st petersburg nine hundred fifty eight became one of the most famous male. dances in the us a song that's mulch was life continued on from performing in dozens of productions to becoming the dawn star actor of the paris opera ballet the influence of the world of john's will never be forgotten. gotos my childhood is connected to billy so now i'm finally in france on a business trip it would have been a shiny not to visit the grave of such great global importance like rudolf moody is . to many first time this is his love story with this magnificent city has just
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begun many wonder the streets of paris like the chandeliers and here and taking the breath taking sides just like the predecessors from russia did centuries ago and there's more to sedition change an understanding of the two cultures continues let's hope the future relationship between russia and france will only flourish well unfortunately that's all that's how we how i'll see you get at the same time next week so that for me and the rest of the crew of the out detail for the beautiful city of paris but out. in canada and the us it is legal for. a bubble bath and your baby it contains
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a known carcinogen something that causes cancer. it's a conflict of interest today an average cancer drug prescription costs nearly one thousand six hundred dollars a month. and nobody with cancer it might find me therefore and protect us because. ninety five percent of cancers hurt people with family history of cancer the pharmaceutical industry spends about fourteen percent of their budget on research and development and about thirty one percent for marketing and ministration. in fact there are more pharmaceutical industry lobbyists in washington d.c. than members of congress. it's the secret incursion into the country. it's the invasion by means of.
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tradition the language. that the best did beat the beat. and culture. the thing is. the have agendas are still unaware of what's going on in their land still asking more if you. like. i don't know anything about alaska they're great. on our cheap. wealthy british style. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy cause a report on. if
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. ruggles claim they've made brother advances in eastern libya but meanwhile a barrier pouring out of strikes continues with claims hundreds of thousands flee with conflict stricken country. gorgeously told the generals the coalition's that's trying to leave behind borders no result that it's likely that ground troops will soon be on their way there brussels and which nature meanwhile believes deadlines but lines of cells would evolve in another major war such as both improvement of got a dominant iraq. and a quarter of a minute and have marched in london the goals of the british government's huge aid ship in and around public spending cuts never fear it's gone through a breakaway group of the peaceful demonstration the largest in the country since
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the mouth of the iraq invasion eight years ago. next to sport with page patridge. hello welcome to the sports news these are the headlines. russia held to count the cost side producer goal is to or in all media on a busy night if you are a twenty twelve qualify as. well i school some of us moved closer to the dollar in cup finals after a second playing win against much of the. goal sebastian vettel starts first on the grid in melbourne for the opening of the new formula one season. that stick off with football and stick out because russia were held to a goalless draw. in the euro two thousand and twelve group b. qualifier and watching the this which example fleet. russia have not reached the
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halfway point in their quest to try and qualify for euro two thousand and twelve finals in poland and ukraine and that task is now become a lot harder following their failure to beat armenia or take up a cab overseas a big setback for him but he was magnanimous enough to pay tribute to way armenia played today well in the game because. we had four away games and winning three one draw employees will disagree is good but seeing this game we played against a very aggressive team. but still we had the opportunity to do to win. so i think the organization was actually in from the team. to find the finishing touch you need a little bit luck or russia would dominate possession for long periods of the game but at the count will look to a point to match in the second half of the first half when really russia had many chances to score but unfortunately they were unable to find a net and no one should talk of who was the stand i player really for the russians annoyed he said here it was crucial the key point of the match is that we didn't
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score that we scored we would have worn. more from the team dominating controlling and creating chances as a coach. but shooting in the goal they have won fortunately andrey arshavin was once again not of his best form for russian national side as they are small midfielder really was on the periphery of everything the russians tried to create and certainly didn't show the same sort of energy of the likes of kept records showed his form side is a worry for advocates of a moment it's been a long time since he's put in a decent performance and also russia going to free a half matches when actually managing to find the back of the net. i think the whole team works very hard and you have always she. brings his best form we also have seen that some players did not bring the best form but in the organization they did a job one of the last visit fantastic point didn't create much going forward but they managed to restrict russia's attacks by playing a very good defensive game and they certainly. in contention for us plays the euro
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two thousand and twelve finals in poland and ukraine i think that not many teams had considered. being up there you know fighting for fighting for points fighting for qualification you know what i think that we have a very good team and i think that you know many people many teams should really. be serious with their players by russia's next year in two thousand and twelve qualifier vattel being around for a month's time when they will again play the armenians and they've got the catamount time has plenty to think about most notably about how to try and get his team scoring again as bellamy defined in the back of a net survey want to break those euro two thousand and twelve finals. well there are some interesting results elsewhere in group b. phillips a baronet in only go off to twenty one minutes a slovakia one one delegate i was on dora robbie keane struck what proved to be the one up to twenty minutes as a republic of ireland hung on to beat macedonia two one so as the table currently
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stands it's very close with russia the republic of ireland and slovakia all on ten points armenia many two points behind in foles. and elsewhere england have gone top of group g. fabio capello's men beating her nation rivals wales to no sleep for montenegro on goal difference it was the worst of starts for gary speed's young wales to front of him a capacity crowd at the millennium stadium james collins was guilty of crimes of passion inside the box and frank had stepped up to clinton smarthome the spot kick but the visitors in control just seven minutes in and they didn't wait long for their second then johnson launching this long range pass. and cross his aston villa to make darren bent smash the ball home after fourteen minutes wales fell to muster a single shot on target and still rock bottom having lost before the game so far getting to manager fabio capello is over then the. a maybe because.
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the minute you gay. back to move quickly after. the movie when you got bored of the way as you're shaving moved and. if the past is everything to. early days. else than saturday night in group f. georgia stunned leaders croatia one dealt with a stoppage time went on israel beat a lot of fear to one euro two thousand and four champions greece went down to ten men to injury time to win one million miles a day bosnia came back to see remain a two one now by india at the back of pretty sweet unbeaten ballerinas. and thomas mueller each scored a brace as group claiming this germany thrashed calixto on four nil and finally no way through one one with ten marking group h. . while on friday night david there became spain's all time leading goalscorer after the european champions came back to beat the czech republic two one in granada the boss about to strike out netted
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a brace against the visitors would open the coffin i think that a soft question but two second fast growing six four minutes takes a victory. and i comply. with the second results in the penalty spot as typhus concerts and forty six goals to better. spend one hundred percent record at the top is because i. found also with a one hundred percent record all the other ones who despite being injury hit trashed second place hungry for nearly budapest to afford ruffo one of autopen after eight minutes. away with a second in the strikers half time caps made it three nil in the second half and robin van persie rounded off a victory just after the side's four nailed to the dutch run at six point three zero am very briefly. it was also a good night for italy for extended their lead to the top of group c. to six points i was very near the wind in rio that tiago modify need claims the all
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important goal off the seventy three. it's forget story in slovenia remain second on goal difference. and also great plus a real hero up to third after coming from behind to beat northern ireland say one from spain they too know when overlooks berkeley consolidate their lead in three days and belgium beat austria by the same scoreline to play for their opponents and their second birthday which was led by germany. moving across the ice hockey and sol about your life of taking control of their k h l semifinal series against musselburgh their fos live gaining a comfortable two nothing lead after a confident foreigner went on home ice but just love because men had to dig deep to finish the opening game for three the game number two there's only one way street and three taken roughing up for blacks it's mighty shot in the second period swedish goaltender as bird printed up his second shot out of the playoffs and the
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spectacular have determined to beat. formula one that and red bull sebastian vettel claim pole position in melbourne for the opening race of the new season fans turned out in their droves at the melbourne circuit courts and get done even though one for many australians catching me off on fever while on the tracks defending champion vettel was the only driver to fight on the one minute twenty four seconds the young german will be joined by a talented this time to the front row expected teammate mark clever and jenson button making up the second row but it was a disappointing day for ferrari fernando alonso and for the loss of the stock fifty eight respectively michael schumacher did even worse the seven time champion fell to reach the third and final qualifying session of the second for eleven as i did when i was rushing the top of the trough five six. cricket and co has sri lanka thrashed england by ten wickets with ten overs to spare in their world cup quarter final in colombo to set up a last four meeting with new zealand england one that's often batted first captain
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andrew strauss. it was quickly out of five and slower delivery until you do sham and in about soon to pass is two thousand and thirteen one foot so then jonathan trott out in the parking bind face sixty four one thirty eight it stands for my space half century of the world cup before falling for eighty six because the total misreading score. in all them also hit fifteen but england could only manage two hundred twenty nine to six it didn't impress the crowd so in they needed a decent bowling display trailing his openers were having none of this and both that and the centuries people tauranga yes smacking graeme swann for six percent tremont wasn't quite quick enough to have him removed bowled. brought up his deserved time by dispatching swann through midwicket trying to route his hundred winning runs with the form of travel it's social life has finished on two hundred thirty one for the last staying for numbers to face new zealand and change their
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batting performances under par but we thought that you know pressure is a big night and if we can get two or three early wickets hopefully that might be enough to. make that pressure count and fortunately do and there on your plate outstandingly well and you know it was a very flat which if anything it got flatter in the evenings. you know maybe with early out played it we lost a better side and we go home without tail between our legs finally golf and tennis very upstate and open leader paul lawrie by equalling the european tour record the englishman canidae ten under par sixty in the third round in malaga very behind the tree here was only one under after seven holes then seven more birdies and an ego and came within inches of the fifty nine after his stunning second shot at the profit or eighteenth instead tapped in for birdie to go eleven under and within one shot of the lead very is tied for second with competitor mark foster who had six
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bodies on the back nine for a round of sixty five. butts out in front scotland's laurie who also carded five under par which in some suit clerk i'd played for the third successive day to live on twelve under and with a one stroke lead. and that's all the sports news by. wealthy british science it's time to cut. markets why not scandals. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the kinds of reports.
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